AKMU’s Lee Su-hyun makes solo debut with “Alien”

She goes on a cosmic adventure in the quirky video.

AKMU’s main vocalist Lee Su-hyun has made her solo debut with the disco-inspired song, “Alien.”

The accompanying video features the singer as an interstellar secret agent who travels to a whimsical animated world to take down sinister alien forces threatening Earth. “No need to hide behind the veil, alien / Tell them who who, tell them who you are / If anyone asks who I am / I’m here to save this darn Earth,” she sings on the funky track.

Earlier this year, Lee appeared in the video for Winner’s song “Hold,” which referenced the Academy Award-winning South Korean movie Parasite. In 2019, her group AKMU released the song “How Can I Love the Heartbreak, You’re the One I Love.”


Watch the video for “Alien” below:

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