Adam Lambert sees the world through “New Eyes”

‘Velvet’ is on its way.

It’s been almost four years since Adam Lambert dropped The Original High, but the powerful vocalist has returned with “New Eyes,” the lead single from his forthcoming record, Velvet.

The song marks a new era for the frequent Queen collaborator, who moves away from the high-energy dance pop sound of his previous LP towards a psychedelic rock-inspired vibe. The singer also shows some vocal restraint on the track, swapping his soaring high notes for a soulful rasp.

The dreamy track dropped alongside a trippy MV. In the ’70s-influenced clip, mysterious glowing items—like a perfume bottle, a vinyl record and a tube of lipstick—are delivered to individuals who are facing struggles in life. When used, the objects imbue their owners with a new lease on life, giving them a pair of “new eyes” to overcome their troubles.


“New Eyes” is Lambert’s second release of the year, following February’s “Feel Something.” His next album, Velvet, will arrive later this year.

Watch the video for “New Eyes” below:

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