Adam Lambert drops fourth studio record, ‘Velvet’

The glam rock star is back.

Adam Lambert has released his fourth album, Velvet. The multi-genre 13-track project is an extension of last year’s Velvet: Side A EP.

Since 2011, Lambert has been out on the road with Queen’s Brian May and Roger Taylor, taking on the role as the new frontman (from Freddie Mercury). So, it is no surprise that influences of the iconic band’s music bleeds into the singer’s new album.

“The two worlds are a little closer together than I ever have been sonically. It’s nice not to feel like I have two different personas or something. Because I’m not. [Velvet] feels like a very authentic extension of who I am as an artist. It’s very much closer to the world of Queen now,” Lambert told Music Feeds in a recent interview about the record.

Whether it’s on the Nile Rodgers-assisted bop “Roses,” self-affirmative anthem “Superpower” or the tender “Closer to You,” Lambert covers an emotional spectrum and through it all showcases one constant thing: his unmistakable falsetto.


The album dropped alongside a music video for its title track, “Velvet.” The retro-inspired video stars the singer as a busy tailor on the set of an infomercial. “Wanna rock something in my own kinda way / Like it’s tailor-made for me / Think I found someone I can get lost in / Cut from the same cloth as me,” the 38-year-old sings, hinting that he wants something more than just tailoring clothes.

Watch the video for “Velvet” below:

And listen to Lambert’s new album now:


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