AB6IX debut as four-member group with ‘Vivid’ EP

Lim Youngmin departed the boyband in June.

AB6IX have returned with their sophomore EP, Vivid, which is also their first release as a four-member group.

The six-track project is the K-pop boyband’s first release without founding member Lim Youngmin, who left the group in early June following a drunk-driving controversy. Though the EP’s songs were re-recorded without Lim, the accompanying video for lead single “The Answer” still features appearances from the singer.

Vivid is the group’s first release of 2020. Last year, the group released their first EP, B:Complete, and debut album 6ixense. They also collaborated with Lizzo on a remix of her hit song, “Truth Hurts.”

Watch the video for “The Answer” below:


And stream Vivid here:


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