YOB’s new track “Our Raw Heart” is an atmospheric masterpiece

The song’s inspired by Mike Scheidt’s near-death experience.

YOB’s frontman Mike Scheidt says he’s “lucky to be alive”. After struggling with diverticulitis, a critical illness that affects the large intestine, and receiving multiple surgeries, the doom metal icon has spent the past few months reflecting on his close brush with death. And it’s resulted in the band’s upcoming eighth album, Our Raw Heart.

The band have revealed the record’s title track, and it’s as glorious as you expect it to be. The 14-minute-long opus cements the status of these Oregon heroes as the masters of their genre. “Our Raw Heart” is, as its name suggests, raw and tender, capturing Scheidt’s sublime songwriting and guitar skills with members Aaron Riseseberg and Travis Foster equally brilliant on the bass and drums, respectively.

The album is set to release on June 8.


Listen to it below:

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