Yashira drop “Shades Erased” with Full of Hell’s Dylan Walker

Their second album is out this month.

Death metal outfit Yashira have released “Shades Erased,” a collaboration with Full of Hell’s Dylan Walker.

Wielding snarling guitars and tight double-kick bursts, Yashira deliver a punishing collaboration with the Full of Hell vocalist that maintains its heavy tone for the entirety of its lifespan. According to the band, “Shades Erased” puts the disparity between human and technological advancements under the microscope.

“At the pace technology is advancing, we’ll soon reach the point where the option of intellectual augmentation becomes a reality,” Yashira detailed in a statement. “Considering the likelihood that many will embrace any chance to enhance themselves, the title relates to the human condition as it’s known turning obsolete; similar to the way physical products and processes transitioned to digital formats.”


Yashira’s new single is cut from their forthcoming sophomore album Fail to Be and follows early singles “Impasse” and “Shards of Heaven.” The record, in a way, will wrap up a difficult chapter in the Florida band’s career: Drummer and co-founder Seth Howard passed away at the end of 2018, and Yashira took most of 2019 to reassess their future. After Howard’s family gave the band their blessing to continue, they recorded the LP in Connecticut with new drummer Ryan O’Neal and producer Greg Thomas, before polishing the album during isolation.

Fail to Be is set for release on December 11 via Good Fight. Listen to “Shades Erased” here:

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