Within the Ruins drop new album ‘Black Heart’

Hear the band’s first record with vocalist Steve Tinnon.

Within the Ruins have dropped their punishing sixth studio album, Black Heart.

The new record is the follow-up to the Massachusetts deathcore outfit’s last, 2017’s Halfway Human. It’s also their first with vocalist Steve Tinnon, who replaced longtime singer Tim Goergen who left due to health concerns in 2018. Delivering both clean vocals and intense growls, Tinnon sounds perfectly at home amid the technical brilliance, heavy breakdowns and electronic touches.

“The line-up we’ve had for almost three years now has to be the strongest the band has ever had,” Tinnon told Acta Infernalis in an interview last month. “The previous singer, Tim, was in for a long time and that was probably the toughest change of them all. Changing vocalists can be a make-or-break situation for a lot of bands, but the transition couldn’t have been smoother and things have turned out great! Finding our current line-up was easy because Paolo [Galang, bassist] and I’s old band, Silence the Messenger, have been friends with Within the Ruins for years, so it was basically a no-brainer.”


Listen to Black Heart below:

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