Witherfall share hair-raising video for “The Other Side of Fear”

A NSFW clip for a ‘Curse of Autumn’ single.

Witherfall have released the video for “The Other Side of Fear,” the latest single from the new album Curse of Autumn.

As in their “As I Lie Awake” video, the new clip adopts the aesthetics of classic ‘80s horror flicks. The Los Angeles band once again explores the themes of a nightmarish journey in their latest video, directed by Cig Neutron and KasL, as it features snakes, blood, repressed nuns and Freddie Krueger-like demons.

In a statement, the band said of the visual: “‘The Other Side of Fear’ video is a nightmare-scape starring Cig Neutron, Rannie Rodil and Sin Twisted. Cig Neutron and his team managed to capture the core themes of the song. The video highlights the lyrical panic and anxious fear-driven delivery of the music. The video is unsettling, creative and definitely NSFW.”


The release of this video comes after the release of “Another Face” and “The Last Scar.” The two tracks will also appear on their forthcoming album, Curse of Autumn, which is due on March 5.

Watch “The Other Side of Fear” here:

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