Withered’s “By Tooth in Tongue” video is not for the faint-hearted

From their new album ‘Verloren.’

Atlanta metal group Withered have announced their new album Verloren with the release of its lead single, “By Tooth in Tongue.”

It has been six years since the Mike Thompson-led group shared their fourth album Grief Relic. “By Tooth in Tongue” offers a reinvigorated sound that sees Withered integrate clean vocals for the first time atop their continuing brand of punishing doom metal. According to the band, “By Tooth in Tongue” is about “the designed oppression/control this existence imposes upon each of us to encourage conformity.”

“We want to compound new elements into every album,” Thompson said in a statement. “There’s a philosophical introspective approach to the subject matter that informs our writing style. We’re trying to create an atmosphere that complements the themes and that’s something we’re trying to circle back around to on Verloren.”


Withered tapped director Guilherme Henriques to helm their “By Tooth in Tongue” music video. The clip, which takes inspiration from the single’s lyrics, depicts a man, whose lips have been sealed shut, slowly ripping his mouth open. It’s certainly not a clip for the squeamish.

Verloren will drop on June 25 via Season of Mist. Watch the video for “By Tooth in Tongue” here:

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