While She Sleeps release “Fakers Plague”

A heavy new single from the Sheffield band.

Sheffield metalcore band While She Sleeps have released a new song, “Fakers Plague.”

The track and its music video come months after the March release of So What?, While She Sleeps’ fourth album. “This song is a celebration of the end of an extremely difficult personal time within While She Sleeps,” guitarist Sean Long said in a statement.

“We all had a lot of anger building up within us and it was amazing for us to come together and express it through music. Everyone in life has a beautiful side and an ugly side, it’s how we all react and deal with these polarities of life that makes us human. No one is perfect and we certainly aren’t. Let’s embrace it together.”

While She Sleeps have released “Fakers Plague” alongside a special phone-sized prism that lets you view the video as if it’s a hologram projected from your device. See how it works here. The prism comes free with every piece of merchandise ordered via the band’s official website.


Watch the music video here:

And stream an extended, six-minute version of “Fakers Plague” here:


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