We Came As Romans dedicate new video to late frontman Kyle Pavone

    Watch the clip for “From the First Note” here.

    We Came As Romans
    Image: Atom Splitter PR

    We Came As Romans have released a new video for “From the First Note,” which they have dedicated to their late frontman, Kyle Pavone.

    The otherworldly clip takes place in a human-sized fishbowl, where the band performs while surrounded by heavy foliage. “I won’t forget the memories, I know / You’ll always be a part of me / And every way you changed me still shines through / You’re the light that I follow home,” goes the chorus.

    “‘From the First Note’ is a song [that] celebrates the time that we got to spend with Kyle and acknowledges how truly remarkable of a brother and bandmate he was,” guitarist Joshua Moore said in a statement.

    “Lyrically, I was able to reference [2009’s] ‘To Plant a Seed’ and [2013’s] ‘Tracing Back Roots,’ which were both written about the start of the band and how we lived together,” he added. “I was able to take Kyle’s recorded vocal from ‘To Plant a Seed’ and fit it into the bridge of the song, so we can always hear him when we listen and play it.”

    “From the First Note,” which dropped last September alongside “Carry the Weight,” is We Came As Romans’ first release since Pavone’s death. The singer passed away in 2018 from an accidental overdose.

    Watch the video for “From the First Note” here: