Watch Stone Sour tear through “Whiplash Pants” live in concert

‘Hello, You Bastards: Live in Reno’ is out this Friday.

Stone Sour have released a video for their high-octane performance of “Whiplash Pants” live in Reno, Nevada last year.

The footage captures Stone Sour at the top of their game, whether it’s frontman Corey Taylor’s vicious headbanging or guitarists Josh Rand and Christian Martucci’s blistering call-and-response solos. The video is an exciting preview of Hello, You Bastards: Live in Reno, Stone Sour’s first-ever live album due out this Friday.

“Whiplash Pants” is a track from Stone Sour’s latest album, 2017’s Hydrograd. Though Taylor spent most of 2019 focusing on his other band Slipknot and their chart-topping album We Are Not Your Kind, Stone Sour have already begun work on the follow-up to Hydrograd. Seven demos have been recorded, though the band have yet to break proper ground on a new album, Rand told Billboard.

“We just kind of take one thing at a time,” Rand said. “Corey has a full year still left of touring with Slipknot, and he’s planning to work on his solo record. So there’s no actual timetable for us. That’s the way it always is.”


Watch Stone Sour perform “Whiplash Pants” live in Reno here:


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