Watch Rob Scallon’s hilarious “The Heaviest Matter in the Universe” spoof

The YouTuber slings on a banjo to cover the Gojira hit.

Metal, meet banjo.

YouTube guitarist Rob Scallon is back at it again with another unique metal cover, this time spoofing Gojira’s “The Heaviest Matter in the Universe.”

Titled  ‘The Heaviest Banjo in the Universe,” the parody replaces the ferocious instruments of the 2005 hit with banjos, a double bass, a viola and a snare. Scallon puts his banjo through a real beating, shredding at a hundred miles per hour, while fellow YouTuber Leo Moracchioli graces the cover with his screaming vocals.


The hilarious cover is the latest in a series of banjo metal covers on Scallon’s YouTube channel, which also features music tutorials and all sorts of sonic experiments.

Have a laugh at their latest cover:

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