Watch Primitive Man’s pandemic-inspired “Menacing” video

A new cut from their upcoming album, ‘Immersion.’

Death sludge band Primitive Man have released a grisly pandemic-inspired music video for their new song “Menacing.”

The band’s latest cut from their upcoming album Immersion is an eight-minute slow-burn complete with droning guitars and vicious growls from bandleader Ethan Lee McCarthy. It follows last month’s single “The Lifer,” and helps set the tone for the band’s first major release since their 2017 LP Caustic. In the video, directed by Neil C Barrett, a man undergoes a spine-chilling transformation in a retail store in the middle of the pandemic.

“‘Menacing’ is about asking the unhinged whirlwind of chaos that controls life to guide you through the various trials and tribulations one might encounter and in what ways that can mold/shape a person’s character,” McCarthy said in a press release. “I also speak on the lonely road that one can follow when they refuse to compromise on what they want in this life. Whatever that may be. And that there is a certain level of self-doubt and insanity that blankets all of this. Life is messy.”

In an earlier statement, Primitive Man said Immersion documents the group looking deep within themselves for their own critical opinions on the state of the modern world. Their third LP, Immersion will be released on August 14 via Relapse Records. Watch the video for “Menacing” here:



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