Watch Polaris’ majestic video for “Vagabond”

From their 2020 album ‘The Death of Me.’

Polaris have dropped a majestic video for their song “Vagabond.”

The clip, which was directed by Kez Ellis-Jones, was shot throughout New South Wales in the band’s native Australia. It features the metalcore band as grimy explorers in a sun-scorched desert, in a leafy forest and awe-inspiring natural locales—but concludes with a joyful circus-like celebration akin to Burning Man.

“Getting to film that big ‘desert-rave’ scene that closes out the video was so special,” commented Polaris’ Daniel Furnari. “Something that we felt had been missing from ours and so many peoples’ lives over the last year was the ability to get together with a large group of people and just celebrate life through music and dancing and self-expression.


“That search for a sense of community and togetherness not only became the driving force for the characters in the video’s narrative, but also allowed us to do something that temporarily filled that void in real life for a night!”

“Vagabond” originally appeared on Polaris’ sophomore album The Death of Me, released February 2020. Watch the video below:

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