Watch Metallica’s stripped-down cover of Alice in Chains’ “Would?”

For the annual MoPOP Founders Award benefit.

Metallica have honored Alice in Chains with a cover of “Would?” for the Museum of Pop Culture’s Founders Award 2020 benefit event.

Alice in Chains received the Founders Award from the MoPOP, and performed as part of the awards ceremony alongside a list of their contemporaries. Metallica, who chose to cover the band’s iconic 1992 Dirt track “Would?”, were among a slew of artists roped in for covers, including the Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan, Mastodon and Korn. Delivered from isolation, their version of “Would?” was carried by vocalist James Hetfield’s emotional vocals and acoustic guitar.

“Hey, Alice in Chains, congratulations on the MoPOP Founders Award,” Hetfield said after his band’s performance. “We’re glad to be a part of your journey in life, and [it’s] really cool to have gotten to know you guys, and to tour with you guys, and play music with you guys. You are much appreciated, and thank you for continuing on playing music and offering some inspiration for the new musicians of the world.”


The Founders Award annual event aims to celebrate revolutionary artists who help nurture new talent, such as last year’s honoree Brandi Carlile. It also raises money to support the nonprofit museum, who in turn inject money into youth services, community engagement and development programs for the young. Despite this year’s iteration taking place online due to the pandemic, the 2020 MoPOP benefit still netted $600,000.

Watch Metallica perform “Would?” at the 2:07:47 mark here:

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