Watch Metallica perform “Creeping Death” in HD

You can almost feel your face melting from behind the screen.

There are just some things in life that are worth living for. And one of them is witnessing Metallica shred to their 1984 classic, “Creeping Death,” live. If you’ve never got the chance to see it in person, then you can now. Well, sorta.

The heavy metal icons have just released a high-quality cut of their “Creeping Death” performance at their recent show in Helsinki, Finland—and it’s as glorious as you’d expect it to be. The stadium is bathed in red light, there are pyrotechnics on stage and fans chant “Die, die, die!” with their fists raised high. It almost feels like you’re in the crowd.

Three decades later and the song still burns like blazing fire, and the band stands as one of the greatest metal outfits of all time. Watch the show-stopping performance below and make sure to bump it up to 1080 pixels for the full experience:


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