Watch Machine Head burn through “A Thousand Lies” live in studio

The original line-up have reunited and re-recorded their debut album, ‘Burn My Eyes.’

The original line-up of Machine Head have reunited to mark the 25th anniversary of their debut, Burn My Eyes. They’ve also re-recorded the entire album, and have just dropped a video of them burning through “A Thousand Lies” live in the studio.

Shot in Sharkbite Studios in Oakland, California, this clip shows “A Thousand Lies” hasn’t lost any of its potency. It also proves that though it’s been a while since drummer Chris Kontos and lead guitarist Logan Mader have played with Machine Head, this reunited line-up can still lock in and deliver the groove.

The band first announced they’d reunited for an anniversary tour that will kick off in Europe in October, but then revealed to Kerrang! last month that they had re-recorded all of Burn My Eyes. No word on when it will drop, though.

Watch the performance of “A Thousand Lies” here:



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