Watch ISIS play their first show in eight years

They reunited under the name Celestial to honor the late Caleb Scofield.

Over the weekend, ISIS reunited for a one-off show to pay tribute to the late Boston musician Caleb Scofield. The post-metal pioneers were billed as Celestial, a reference to their 2000 album of the same name.

The concert at The Wiltern in Los Angeles also featured 27, Pelican, and Scofield’s own bands: Cave In and Old Man Gloom, which ISIS guitarist and vocalist Aaron Turner also plays in. Scofield died in a truck crash earlier in March, leaving behind his wife and two children.

ISIS, who called it quits after 13 years and five studio albums, played five songs off Oceanic, Panopticon and Celestial. And as the pro-shot footage shows, they’ve still got it. Watch their set below:


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