Watch Evergrey’s dramatic video for “Eternal Nocturnal”

From upcoming album ‘Escape of the Phoenix.’

Evergrey have released a new music video for “Eternal Nocturnal.”

Director Patric Ullaeus chose an overcast color palette for the clip, which mixes majestic footage of a man riding on horseback through the countryside and dramatic scenes of the band shredding on a runway with a plane behind them.

“Eternal Nocturnal” is taken from the Swedish prog metal group’s 12th album Escape of the Phoenix, which is due out on February 26 on AFM Records. The LP will feature a guest turn from Dream Theater singer James LaBrie, Louder Sound reports.


Evergrey vocalist Tom S Englund shed some light on the album and its title in a statement: “When you talk about the resurrection of the phoenix, that started a mind game for me. What if the bird doesn’t want to be resurrected? What if it doesn’t want to come back? That sort of resembles things in life; sometimes you get tired of standing up and being strong. I guess that was the main idea. It came to me after we’d finished writing the music.”

Watch the video for “Eternal Nocturnal” below:

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