Watch Deafheaven tear through “Honeycomb,” “Worthless Animal”

In an empty Chicago auditorium.

An empty, sunny auditorium: Not the kind of place you’d expect to see Deafheaven, but that’s exactly where Audiotree put the metal band to perform “Honeycomb” and “Worthless Animal.”

A Chicago-based company best known for producing live music sessions, Audiotree has a series called Far Out that sees bands performing in unusual environments, such as furniture stores, cemeteries and indoor soccer pitches.

For Deafheaven, Audiotree picked the stately auditorium of the Preston Bradley Center in Chicago, where the band performed two songs off their most recent album, Ordinary Corrupt Human Love, which dropped in July.


Faced with all those empty seats, it’s not surprising to see frontman George Clarke more reserved than usual. That’s not to say Deafheaven toned themselves down for this, though: The blast beats ring out loud and clear, and it’s a treat to see clearly how Kerry McCoy and Shiv Mehra deftly step in and out of their lead guitar parts.

Watch the Audiotree Far Out videos below.



“Worthless Animal”

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