Uniform, The Body drop second collaborative album

‘Everything that Dies Someday Comes Back’ is out now.

Uniform and The Body have returned with their second joint album, Everything that Dies Someday Comes Back.

Described by both bands in a statement as “the middle ground between Robyn and [Japanese sludge metal band] Corrupted,” the ambitious industrial record calls to mind elements of the hip hop subgenre chopped and screwed and ’80s electro. They’ve even gone as far as to list New Order and Juicy J as influences.

“Vacancy” is a helter-skelter amalgamation of staccato drumbeats and lo-fi screams that will get your feet moving, while the composed “Day of Atonement” is just about the strangest hip hop and industrial combination on the record.

The bands previously collaborated on the 2018 album Mental Wounds Not Healing. Stream Everything that Dies Someday Comes Back below:



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