Uniform perform an immolation rite in new music video

For “Dispatches from the Gutter,” from new album ‘Shame.’

Uniform have released a fiery video for “Dispatches from the Gutter,” a track from their upcoming album Shame.

In the black-and-white video, frontman Michael Berdan performs the harrowing song while standing before a bonfire. He’s joined by several individuals who agreed to take part in what the clip describes as “an immolation rite,” performed underneath the lunar eclipse of Independence Day 2020 (that is, the Fourth of July).

Director Jacqueline Castel described the video’s concept in a statement: “This video was approached as a documented mass sigil informed by the historical and philosophical concept of self-immolation, performed under the lunar eclipse of Independence Day. Participants were asked to bring personal offerings to burn, and were given a directive to write down their intentions for the future, which were attached with accelerants to an effigy that was later cremated. It was a symbolic act of releasing what we wish to abandon, and an invocation of what we wish to rebuild.”

Both “Dispatches from the Gutter” and previously released track “Delco” will appear on Shame, which is out September 11 on Sacred Bones. Their fourth full-length release, it comes a year after their second joint album with experimental metal duo The Body, Everything that Dies Someday Comes Back.


Watch the video for “Dispatches from the Gutter” here:


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