Umbra Vitae release ominous video for “Ethereal Emptiness”

Their album ‘Shadow of Life’ dropped in May.

Umbra Vitae have released a video for “Ethereal Emptiness,” the second track off their debut album Shadow of Life.

The heavy metal supergroup, led by Jacob Bannon of Converge and featuring current and former members of The Red Chord, Hatebreed and Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats, released the album in May. Three members of Umbra Vitae—Bannon plus guitarists Mike McKenzie and Sean Martin—also play in Wear Your Wounds, who dropped their first record in 2017.

The video for “Ethereal Emptiness” collages ominous black-and-white scenes of a dirt-stained, mummy-like figure. The song “embraces the potential that everything is empty, that we need to accept that fact to move on,” Bannon told Revolver Magazine in May. “We spend a lot of time exploring ideas of the soul and afterlife, and we lose sight of some incredibly important things like present day.”

Besides “Ethereal Emptiness,” Shadow of Life also features the tracks “Return to Zero” and “Mantra of Madness.” Watch Umbra Vitae’s new video here:



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