Ulthar wage “Asymmetric Warfare”

A ripper from the Bay Area trio’s forthcoming album.

Ulthar are readying their debut full-length, Cosmovore, and if this new track is any indication, it’s going to be beastly.

“Asymmetric Warfare” demonstrates the Oakland trio’s strong grasp of metal dynamics—it veers between suffocating blast-beat brutality to dramatic riffing, and doesn’t let up for a second. It’s one of six songs off Cosmovore, which comes two years after the Oakland trio made themselves known with a collection of demos.

Ulthar—whose members also play in Vastum, Extremity, and Void Omnia—have a deep interest in the arcane, as you might have been able to discern from the HP Lovecraft reference in their band name. Just digest this statement they gave Decibel Magazine:


“We have moved with the directionless zeal which results from a combined sense of futility and necessity of action. Our care was gravely minute; every synapse was dissected, each subliminal cavern searched for bodies, every thorny line of adjacent prose again scanned for clues and cyphers, but all without result. And yet, vague new fears have hovered menacingly over us; as if giant bat-winged gryphons squatted invisibly on the mountain-tops and leered with Abaddon eyes that had looked on trans-cosmic gulfs. Hence ‘Asymmetric Warfare,’ and the rotting womb which bore it, Cosmovore.”

Cosmovore is out November 9 on 20 Buck Spin. Listen to the song below.

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