Toothgrinder drop a cover of “The Chain”

It’s a different take on the Fleetwood Mac classic.

Toothgrinder have paid tribute to Fleetwood Mac with their own rendition of “The Chain.”

The New Jersey metal group drew inspiration from some of the all-time great rock groups while they were recording their second album Phantom Amour—including Fleetwood Mac, whose track “The Chain” helped frontman Justin Matthews write the song, “Jubilee.”

“I wanted to pay homage to the legends that helped me write my favorite and most personal song yet,” Matthews wrote in a statement. “Considering the impact Fleetwood Mac had on the Phantom Amour writing process, ‘The Chain’ was the obvious choice.”


Once you’ve heard the track you’ll feel like it was an obvious choice too, because it suits the band to a tee. Those iconic chords and anthemic vocals are still there, but Toothgrinder show admirable restraint, giving the emotional lyrics room to breathe. They do let loose on the final solo, though.

It’s a great take on a classic—and something different from the Toothgrinder boys, too. Check it out below:

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