Tony Iommi is headed to the studio to work on new music

Revealed during a film festival Q&A with the Black Sabbath legend.

Tony Iommi has some new music up his sleeve.

The Black Sabbath guitarist was in attendance at the Whitley Bay Film Festival in August, where The End of the End, the new documentary chronicling Sabbath’s last ever show, was screened.

During a Q&A, Iommi was asked if he was working on any new music. He then revealed plans to get in the studio to work on “ideas” he’s put down on tape.


“I’m still putting stuff together. I’m still writing stuff; I’ve put ideas down on tapes. When all this nice, sunny weather goes and it gets grim, I shall start going in the studio and putting it down,” he said.

“I don’t know what it’s gonna be yet—whether it’ll be an instrumental album. I’ve been approached by a lot of people to do something with them,” he added.

Iommi’s last solo album, Fused, was released way back in 2005. Fingers crossed his upcoming studio sessions prove fruitful. Watch the hour-long interview below:


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