Tombs announce new EP with “Monarchy of Shadows”

Keep an eye out for the six-track release next year.

Brooklyn metal veterans Tombs have released “Monarchy of Shadows,” the dynamic title track of their upcoming EP.

Monarchy of Shadows is a full-on display of the new era of the band,” Tombs frontman Mike Hill told Revolver Magazine. “Ferocious, brutal, but with an intense introspection. This is the best work that we’ve done to date.” The title track lives up to that description, as creepy atmospherics pave the way for vicious riffs and blast beats.

Monarchy of Shadows, which follows Tombs’ 2017 album The Grand Annihilation, will be the band’s first release on Season of Mist. It arrives February 28, 2020. Listen to its title track below:


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