Thou become the first metal band to grace NPR’s ‘Tiny Desk’

    A volume-appropriate set for an office setting.

    Emily McWilliams and Melissa Guion of Thou performing their NPR Tiny Desk concert
    Emily McWilliams and Melissa Guion of Thou. Image: NPR Music

    NPR’s Tiny Desk performance series is known for giving artists the chance to reimagine their songs in a unique setting: namely, from behind a small desk in an office space. Thou seized that opportunity recently by becoming the first metal band to play a Tiny Desk concert.

    For this special set, Thou performed the first three songs from their 2018 acoustic-driven EP, Inconsolable, and the band’s usual screamer Bryan Funck stayed in the audience, leaving vocal duties to his bandmates. The result: an unusual Tiny Desk set that was hushed, but heavy in its own way.

    Watch Thou’s performance below: