The Melvins’ 1983 line-up release new song, “Caddy Daddy”

The original trio are readying their first album since 2013.

The Melvins have released “Caddy Daddy,” another taste of an upcoming album recorded by the 1983 line-up of Buzz “King Buzzo” Osborne, Dale Crover and Mike Dillard.

As Loudwire notes, Dillard—who was part of the band from 1983 to 1984—returns to the drumkit, while Crover takes on bass duties. As is expected of the Seattle sludge lords, “Caddy Daddy” offers punishing walls of fuzzed out guitar.

“Caddy Daddy” is the third single from their upcoming album Working with God, following “Bouncing Rick” and “I Fuck Around” in November.


While “Bouncing Rick” is a speedy addition to the Melvins’ catalogue in the vein of their previous work, “I Fuck Around” is a tightly coiled take on the Beach Boys’ 1964 track “I Get Around”—with an obvious difference in the lyrics.

“It’s reflective of our 8th grade sense of humor, which we’ve never grown out of,” Osbourne said of the cover. “We hope Brian Wilson doesn’t get mad.”

The release of Working with God on February 26 will coincide with the reissue of the Melvins’ 1987 debut LP Gluey Porch Treatments and 2002’s Hostile Ambient Takeover. It was 2013’s Tres Cabrones that last saw the 1983 Melvins lineup in the studio together.


Stream “Caddy Daddy” here:

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