The Devil Wears Prada release video for “Chemical”

From their album ‘The Act,’ which arrived earlier this month.

The Devil Wears Prada have released a video for “Chemical,” a single from their brand-new album, The Act.

The video, directed by Kevin Johnson, follows a gaunt, bloodstained protagonist who stumbles through the city in a daze, struggling with his inner demons. Scenes of the metalcore band performing the dramatic song in a warehouse are intercut throughout the clip.

“‘Chemical’ is about coming to terms with the idea that all of our feelings, good and bad, are just chemical reactions in our brains,” keyboardist Jon Gering, who was the main songwriter on the track, explained to Revolver Magazine. “It is both a bleak and hopeful way to view the world, but at times it can help us to move forward.”


The Devil Wears Prada released The Act, their seventh full-length, on October 11. Watch the video for “Chemical” below:

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