The Body unleash new song, “Tied Up and Locked in”

The latest punishing preview of ‘I’ve Seen All I Need to See.’

The Body have released “Tied Up and Locked in,” the latest preview of their upcoming album I’ve Seen All I Need to See.

The two-piece build a punishing experience on “Tied Up and Locked in” out of guitar drones, wailing vocals and pounding drums. It quickly builds to a cacophonous peak as the screams careen out of control amidst the chaos.

“Noise is power, but is generally represented as negative, chaotic, dangerous, violent, when it comes… from those marginalized from power,” The Body explain of their new album on Bandcamp. “Noise is also an expression of freedom, a ‘liberation of sound.’”


“Tied Up and Locked in” follows the release of “A Lament” in October. I’ve Seen All I Need to See will be the band’s first solo studio album since their 2018 LP O God Who Avenges, Shine Forth. Rise Up, Judge of the Earth; Pay Back to the Proud What They Deserve. In the time since that release, The Body have collaborated with False Floor, Uniform, Thou and Whitehorse.

I’ve Seen All I Need to See will arrive on January 29 via Thrill Jockey. Listen to “Tied Up and Locked in” below:

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