The Body announce new album with “A Lament”

‘I’ve Seen All I Need to See’ is out next year.

Noise duo The Body have announced their new album I’ve Seen All I Need to See with the release of opening track “A Lament.”

For the new record, out January 29, Lee Buford and Chip King stripped their sound back down to its live core of drums, guitar and vocals. But they also aimed for sonic extremity by testing the limits of their studio (Machines With Magnets in Rhode Island) and its gear. As recording engineer Seth Manchester explained, “We tried pushing the limits of each piece of gear in the studio to hear what its breaking point sounded like and then recorded it.”

I’ve Seen All I Need to See will be The Body’s first full-length album on their own since 2018’s I Have Fought Against it, But I Can’t Any Longer. Since then, they’ve collaborated with the band Uniform on two records, Mental Wounds Not Healing and Everything That Dies Someday Comes Back, and put out a remix collection marking their 20 years as a band.


Stream their abraded new song “A Lament” here:

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