The Armed go wild in Detroit for “Heavily Lined” MV

Many Motor City barflies had their nights ruined by the mysterious experimental hardcore band.

The Armed have been making waves in Detroit’s hardcore and punk scenes lately, especially off the strength and critical acclaim of their latest album, Only Love. This zany video, for “Heavily Lined,” should give them even more of a boost.

The clip follows a man who, after a nightmare, decides to strap a sonic contraption to his back and go apeshit on the bars of Motor City. Our bespectacled, otherwise unassuming protagonist barges into establishments, screams and roars into a microphone, steals drinks, interrupts live performances, and ultimately gets muscled out by security. Rinse and repeat.

It’s a hilarious watch, if comedy like Jackass and The Eric Andre Show are your kind of humor. It’s not surprising that, as The Armed tweeted, the band are “no longer welcome in about 50% of the bars in Detroit (and a Home Depot).”


But these hijinks are par for the course for The Armed, a determinedly amorphous collective that, according to Noisey, have bamboozled publications with press photos of hired actors posing as band members. They also released a video starring Tommy Wiseau (whose career peaked with a famously terrible performance in 2003’s The Room) and tricked legendary metal drummer Ben Koller into sessioning for them by lying that Rob Trujillo of Metallica was on board.

Watch the “Heavily Lined” video below:

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