The Amity Affliction share ‘Everyone Loves You…’ B-sides

Hear “Midnight Train” and “Don’t Wade in the Water” now.

The Amity Affliction have shared two B-sides from their latest album Everyone Loves You… Once You Leave Them: “Midnight Train” and “Don’t Wade in the Water.”

The Aussie band released Everyone Loves You… in February earlier this year. Their seventh studio LP, it marked the band’s debut with new label Pure Noise Records.

Though the new B-sides didn’t make the tracklist of the record, they’re no less personal to frontman Joel Birch. The vocalist explained that the band wrote “Midnight Train” around its title, which bassist Ahren Stringer kept singing in a scratch track. “It follows an arc of my relationship with my wife, ending where we are today,” Birch explained in a statement. “We’ve known each other for 25 years and the song covers some key moments for both of us.”


“Don’t Wade in the Water” is a similarly intimate track for Birch, who said the song examines the church’s influence on his parents’ divorce. Its title is a reference to American folk singer Ella Jenkins’ famous hymn “Wade in the Water.” Sonically, however, it strips away the band’s recent forays into electronic-pop production to focus on mauling guitar riffs.

Listen to “Midnight Train” and “Don’t Wade in the Water” below:

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