Testament drop crushing new song, “Night of the Witch”

The first taste of their 13th studio album, ‘Titans of Creation.’

Californian thrash metal band Testament have announced their 13th studio album, Titans of Creation, with the song “Night of the Witch.”

On the crushing track, frontman Chuck Billy worked in additional vocals from guitarist Eric Peterson into the chorus. “I wanted to incorporate him as he does Dragonlord, [Peterson’s side project band] and this song was a perfect match,” Billy said in a press statement. “It is a heavy song and a great way to introduce everyone to Titans of Creation.”

“It has been months since the final mixing of Titans of Creation and we are eager for fans to hear it,” Billy added. “We feel that we put a lot into this record and at the end of the day it is a Testament record that stands on its own.”

“Night of the Witch” is the first taste of Titans of Creation, which arrives April 2 via Nuclear Blast. The record is the band’s first full-length since 2016’s Brotherhood of the Snake.


Listen to “Night of the Witch” here:


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