Tau Cross announce new album, drop “Burn With Me”

‘Messengers of Deception’ is out later this year.

Punk/metal group Tau Cross have announced a new album, Messengers of Deception, by dropping its first single, “Burn With Me.”

Drummer Michael Langevin lays down a robust backbone for Andy Lefton and Jon Misery’s burly guitar riffs. Meanwhile, Rob Miller doles out lyrical dramatics, filled with doom and destruction: “Walk into the fire, you and I shall never die / We become the flame, take my hand and burn with me.”

The new track is one of 12 on Messengers of Deception, the group’s third studio album. It will arrive August 9 via Relapse Records.


Watch the band bang out “Burn With Me” in the studio via the official music video below:

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