Taiwanese metal vets Chthonic release new album

‘Battlefields of Asura’ has arrived after years of dormancy.

Chthonic have finally returned to the death metal fold with a new album, Battlefields of Asura, after five years away.

Their ninth full-length album “depicts the adventure of deities in Taiwan through 11 songs carrying messages about resistance, freedom and fraternity,” according to a press statement. “The journey is full of hostility, adversary, impregnable fortresses and desires but also inspires infinite courage to search for eternal wisdom.”

Though steeped in mythology, the album is also based on real, historical struggles—namely, Taiwan’s first political reform movement in the 1920s. Not surprising subject matter once you consider the album’s Mandarin title, Politics, as well as frontman Freddy Lim’s day job as a parliamentary legislator, and his position as co-founder of the New Power Party in 2015.


Chthonic looped in some big musical guests for the album—Hong Kong singer and activist Denise Ho put her own spin on “Millennia’s Faith Undone,” while Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe sings on “Souls of the Revolution.”

Listen to the English version of Battlefields of Asura below:


You can stream the Mandarin version here.

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