Swallow the Sun overcome grief and pain for “Firelights”

Look out for their new album this Friday.

Swallow the Sun’s new album, When a Shadow is Forced Into the Light, will drop this Friday, and ahead of its release they’ve put out a new video for “Firelights.”

The video is a straightforward performance clip of the hooded band members playing the song, silhouetted against bright, white lights. “From the blackest depths of Lumina Aurea we rose upon the water,” the Finnish band wrote in a Facebook post announcing the video. “To light the golden torches between the worlds. Love is stronger than death.”

Triumph over grief and heartbreak is the driving message of When a Shadow is Forced Into the Light, which was informed by the death of guest vocalist Aleah Stanbridge (and partner of guitarist and lead songwriter Juha Raivio) in 2016.


The band’s reference to “Lumina Aurea” in their message alludes to their epic, 14-minute track of the same name, released last December. Raivio called the song “an open, bleeding black wound from the last two and half years of my life,” and said that its writing and recording was “so rough emotionally and physically” that he will likely never discuss it publicly.

But now, it seems that after a long struggle, Swallow the Sun are finally out of the woods. Watch the video for “Firelights” below:

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