Svalbard’s Serena Cherry releases new song as Noctule

“Wretched Abyss” is the title track of her upcoming black metal album.

Serena Cherry, frontwoman of English hardcore punk band Svalbard, has released “Wretched Abyss,” the title track of her upcoming album by her black metal solo project Noctule.

Cherry, who released the album When I Die, Will it Get Better? with Svalbard in September 2020, wrote “Wretched Abyss” and the rest of the Noctule album during lockdown last year. The record was inspired by Skyrim, the RPG fantasy computer game that Cherry has always associated with black metal.

“‘Wretched Abyss’ is a song about Hermaeus Mora—who is the daedric prince of fate, knowledge and memory in Skyrim,” she told Revolver Magazine. “He often appears in a Lovecraftian form of tentacles in the game, this imagery combined with his unsettling psychological questline is what inspired me to write this song.”


Wretched Abyss is out on May 28. Watch Cherry and her band perform the title track below in The Gryphon, a heavy metal pub and venue in her native Bristol:

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