Sunn O))) share ominous new song, “Frost (C)”

‘Pyroclasts’ arrives at the end of the month.

Sunn O))) have shared “Frost (C),” a track off their upcoming album Pyroclasts.

“Frost (C)” is a monolithic, ten-minute drone of jagged guitars. It’s an apt first taste of the upcoming album, which collects recordings timed to a stopwatch and played “through a 12-minute improvised modal drone,” as the band explained.

Pyroclasts was recorded at Electrical Audio during the same two weeks the band recorded their previous 2019 album, Life Metal. “The music on Pyroclasts is inextricably woven to Life Metal,” Sunn O))) said in a press release.


“It exists on the very same tape reels [and] was explicitly recorded by Steve Albini. The brightness and vividity of that glorious session glares through these four tracks. It is a sister, or perhaps a shadow album.”

Pyroclasts will be released October 25 via Southern Lord. While you wait for the album, stream “Frost (C)” below:

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