SUMAC’s new song “May You Be Held” is a 19-minute odyssey

Their new album of the same name is out this Friday.

Strap in: SUMAC have dropped “May You Be Held,” a massive new song that’s nearly 20 minutes long.

“May You Be Held” is the title track of the American-Canadian trio’s upcoming album, which was pieced together from material leftover from the sessions of their 2018 record Love in Shadow.

“Our hope is that the music we’ve made will not serve merely to entertain or offer escape,” the band wrote in a statement upon first announcing the album in July. “As has always been our intention, what we create as SUMAC is meant to reveal and strengthen connection between and within people.


“In a best case scenario we hope it can serve to galvanize the desire to contribute meaningfully to the world—within immediate and wider circles. The center of our music is and always has been love. This point of focus is sharper, deeper, more urgent and even more necessary with this record—and in this moment. It is important to us that this intention is unambiguous, even at the risk of belaboring the sentiment.”

Originally slated for release in September, the new SUMAC album will now arrive this Friday. Before then, carve out some time for the title track below:

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