Suicidal Tendencies keep cyco punk alive on blistering new single

“It’s Always Something” is lifted from their upcoming 13th album.

Punk rock meets thrash metal all over again on Suicidal Tendencies’ new single, “It’s Always Something.”

Taken off their forthcoming LP, Still Cyco Punk After All These Years, the track is, well, as cyco punk as it can get (read: downright chaotic). “It’s Always Something” is a rework of frontman Mike Muir’s 1995 song from his solo debut, Lost My Brain! (Once Again)—but with a hint of ST. So be prepared for frenetic guitar riffs, Dave Lombardo’s brutal drumming and Muir’s trademark yelling.

“It’s not retro but taking it 25 years forward, and making it a modern cyco punk record,” Muir stated in an interview. “I love these songs and I feel them so much. Perhaps, surprisingly, more now than when I was 30! The music hits me hard, and the lyrics hit me harder.”


Still Cyco Punk After All These Years arrives on September 7 and will drop alongside the band’s capsule collaboration with Converse. Now you’ll have fresh, mosh pit-ready kicks to wear at the next Suicidal Tendencies gig.

Listen to “It’s Always Something” below:

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