Stream Trivium’s cover of Type O Negative’s “I Don’t Wanna Be Me”

It was previously only available as a Record Store Day exclusive.

Last year, Trivium recorded a cover of Type O Negative’s “I Don’t Wanna Be Me” for a Record Store Day split single. Now, their rendition has gotten an official digital release.

The RSD split, released in honor of the song’s 15th anniversary, features both Trivium’s cover and Type O Negative’s original. It was masterminded by Roadrunner Records, the label that’s home to both bands.

Now that Trivium’s cover has arrived online, the only question is whether the Florida band will re-enact Type O Negative’s light-hearted video for the song, which stars Dan Fogler. Whatever the answer, you can now stream their cover here:


And watch the video for the original song below:


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