Stream Ken Mode’s new single, “Not Soulmates”

Taken from their upcoming record, ‘Loved.’

Ken Mode are currently gearing up for the August 31 release of their forthcoming album, Loved. But before the record drops, the Canadian trio have decided to share a new song off it, “Not Soulmates.”

It’s a raging noise rock anthem that hits hard from the get-go. For almost three minutes straight, the track engulfs you with earth-shattering guitar riffs, pummeling drums and Jesse Matthewson’s trademark howling. “We owe you nothing,” he screams.

This song is about the many complexities of love and the humor that surrounds it—whether people choose to process it or not,” Matthewson told Consequence of Sound. “It’s got riffs you can throw roundhouse kicks to and is an ode to the Melvins and Zeni Geva.”


Listen to it here:

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