Spirit Adrift return with new song, “Eyes were Not Alive”

A badass combo of doom metal and classic rock.

Spirit Adrift are back with “Eyes were Not Alive,” the group’s first single since last year’s critically acclaimed, Curse of Conception LP.

The track’s a high-energy number that blends doom metal with classic rock, something these Arizona metalheads have excelled at since their 2016 debut. At the song’s two-minute mark, a gnarly guitar solo kicks things into rock ’n’ roll overdrive. And in case you’re wondering why “Eyes were Not Alive” sounds strangely familiar, it’s because the band premiered the song earlier this summer at 20 Buck Spin’s biennial Migration Festival.

“Eyes were Not Alive” is now available as a limited-edition Picture Disc single on the Decibel Flex series. Grab yourself a physical copy here or stream the song below.


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