Sepultura address exploitation of the Amazon in “Guardians of Earth” MV

From their latest album ‘Quadra,’ released earlier this year.

Sepultura have released a video for “Guardians of Earth,” a song from their February album Quadra, that addresses the human impact of environmental degradation in the Amazon rainforest of their native Brazil.

The clip spotlights indigenous Amazonians’ fight against the exploitation of the rainforest by showcasing its wildlife, the grandeur of the Amazon basin, and Amazonians both at home in the forest and attending protests to defend their home.

“To those who invade our lands, cut down our forest, spread the disease, destroy our world,” a message in the video reads, “the Amazon is not an oil field.” Protesters continue by holding up signs bearing phrases that add to the declaration of defiance: “a mining pit, a cattle ranch, a megadam.”


The Brazilian heavy metal band premiered the video in an episode of their SepulQuarta livestream series, in which they also held Q&A sessions with the heads of the conservation organization Sea Shepherd Brasil and the advocacy group Amazon Frontlines, as well as a Brazilian journalist who specializes in ecological reporting.

Earlier this month, Sepultura invited David Ellefson to join them on SepulQuarta, and played a socially distanced rendition of their song “Territory” featuring the Megadeth bassist.

Watch the clip for “Guardians of Earth” below:


And see the episode of SepulQuarta here:

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