Rotting Christ release “Fire, God and Fear”

From their forthcoming album, ‘The Heretics.’

Rotting Christ have released “Fire, God and Fear,” from a forthcoming album, out next year. And true to form, they’ve titled it The Heretics.

It will be the 13th album by the Greek black metal band since their inception more than 30 years ago. Their last full-length was Rituals, released in 2016.

“Fire, God and Fear,” the band said in a statement, is “a song that definitely won’t create a clear opinion on how the new album will sound, but can show the heretic[al] and atmospheric approach we have [chosen] with our latest creation.”


The Heretics, frontman Sakis Tolis said in a recent interview, is inspired by the Middle Ages. “I find this era in history and mythology interesting to take inspiration from,” he explained.

The Heretics is out February 15 on French label Season of Mist. Check out “Fire, God and Fear” here:

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