Rotting Christ pay tribute to Edgar Allan Poe on their new song

Their new single, “The Raven,” features a recitation of Poe’s classic poem.

Next month, Rotting Christ will release their new album The Heretics. Following the track “Fire, God and Fear,” they’ve released a new, literary single, “The Raven.”

“The Raven” represents the epilogue of the record, Rotting Christ revealed in a Facebook post, “and as we always used to do, our most atmospheric and melodic creation in every album.” And as promised, the band have created an epic backing soundtrack for Edgar Allan Poe’s classic poem of the same title. To read sections of the poem, they tapped Stratis Steele of fellow Greek metallers Endomain, who provides a suitably ominous recitation.

This isn’t the first time Rotting Christ have paid tribute to a great author in their music. On their last album, Rituals, they incorporated the poetry of Charles Baudelaire into their song “Les Litanies de Satan (Fleurs du mal).”


The Heretics is out February 15 on Season of Mist. Listen to “The Raven” below:

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