Rammstein wreak havoc on the airwaves in “Radio” MV

The clip’s NSFW, as is par for the course with the German band.

Rammstein have followed up their controversial single “Deutschland” with another song and video, “Radio.”

The German band premiered the NSFW clip last week in dramatic and innovative fashion: by projecting it onto the side of a building in Berlin, German news site Deutsche Welle reports. That meant it first screened on a Berlin wall—which is apt considering that 2019 is the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The lyrics of “Radio,” which address censorship and the liberatory power of music, are a likely reference to how radio stations subverted the Cold War’s Iron Curtain by broadcasting banned rock music to East Germany. When translated into English, the song’s bridge goes, “Every night and again I fly / Just away with the music / Float through bright rooms / No borders, no fences.” The accompanying video depicts Rammstein wreaking havoc via radio broadcast, prompting people to lewd sexual acts and rebellion on the streets.

Both “Deutschland” and “Radio” will appear on Rammstein’s forthcoming self-titled album, which drops May 17. Watch the video here:



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